Save Money with Your Outdoor Lighting

April 18th, 2014

Homeowners often underestimate the importance of quality lighting on the outside of their house. An excellent outdoor lighting scheme makes your house look more attractive from the street and can increase its value. But it also increases safety. Well-lit walkways, outside stairs, patios, balconies, and areas around pools will present fewer hazards, and burglars will avoid houses with lights that make it hard for them to vanish in the shadows.

However, outdoor lighting can run up electricity bills, so people sometimes shy away from undergoing a large retrofit or redesign of the lights around the outside of their homes. It doesn’t have to be this way: you can save money with the right retrofit or installation of outdoor lighting in Hartford, CT. Call our lighting specialists at Electrical Connection, Inc. to find out how we can assist with bringing you quality outdoor lighting that won’t cause severe damage to your electric bills.

LED lighting

The best path toward reducing your energy usage through lighting is to replace incandescent lights with LED (light emitting diode) lights. These lights can have the same illumination power as their competitors, but they consume far less power. Approximately 80% of the electrical energy sent to an incandescent light changes into heat, leaving only 20% for actual illumination. However, it is the reverse with LED lights, which convert 80% of the available electricity into illumination, with only 20% of it going to waste. Think of what an impact this can have on your electrical costs.

LED lights will save you money in another way: endurance. Despite a larger upfront cost compared to incandescent lighting, LED lights have exceptional lifespans. A standard LED bulb can last 100,000 hours, which means that if you left the light on constantly, it would continue to burn for 11 years. And because LED lights are more durable, you will have fewer needs to replace lights that break due to weather conditions.

Lower, more even lighting spread

You don’t need to have the most powerful lighting possible to properly illuminate a house for safety, and overly bright lights can distract from a home’s appearance. Lighting installers can use less powerful down-shielded lighting to create an overall even spread of illumination that will cost much less to run.

Call for outdoor lighting services

Whether you want full installation or only a retrofit for your outdoor lighting in Hartford, CT to save energy, call up electrical specialists with the right experience to do the job. Electrical Connection, Inc. believes that no job is 100% complete unless the customer is 100% satisfied. Trust our skilled work to light up your house so it won’t darken your bank account. We also offer a variety of electrical services in Hartford, CT. Just give us a call today to speak with one of our qualified technicians about all of your lighting needs.

Upgrades for Your Security System

April 14th, 2014

Your security system represents peace of mind and safety both for you and your family. If properly installed, a good security system will protect your home for many years, and there are plenty of local companies who can install it proficiently. Security technology is constantly improving however, and while your system may last a long time, you might miss out on new advancements and improvements in the field. That’s where upgrades in your security system come in. They allow you to take advantage of any new developments without having to install a whole new array every time another bell or whistle comes on the market.

Lighting, for example, can be wired into your system, allowing you to illuminate your yard automatically in the event of an intrusion. Other common upgrades include video cameras and motion detectors that permit a more thorough scanning of your home. If you’re on a budget, such upgrades can be more selective – placed at key points such as the front door or stairways to the second floor – while still providing reliable protection.

Upgrades to your security system won’t be nearly as effective, however, if they aren’t installed by someone who knows what they’re doing. For proper installation of a good security system. Avon, CT has a reliable service in Electrical Connection, Inc. Through our Security Connection division, we can help you plan for the best security system to match your budget, and perform upgrades as needed to keep you on top of the latest advancements. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and let us show you what we can do for you!


What to Do if Your Lighting Keeps Tripping Circuit Breakers

April 4th, 2014

Your lighting is arguably the most important part of your household, even ahead of heating and air conditioning. Here in Hartford, lighting systems can run the gamut from ancient apparatus more than a century old to modern equipment featuring the latest technological advancements. No matter what the system, however, you still need a good electrician to handle any repairs that come up. The good news is that most houses here have a breaker box that will automatically cut off power to the system when it overloads. That’s actually a good thing, since it prevents damage to your electrical wiring as well as more direct dangers like a fire. Sometimes, the problem recurs over and over again, which can create some concerns.

Here’s what to do if your lighting keeps tripping your circuit breakers:

Circuit breakers can trip due to any number of problems. That can include water damage, frayed wiring, worn fittings, bad connections, faulty transformers or simply an electrical load that is more than the system can handle. If the breaker keeps tripping multiple times, it probably means that there is a problem with the wattage or load, which only gets worse as the wiring itself sustains damage.

The first step is to turn off all of the lights or appliances that the breaker controls. You may be able to isolate the precise component through trial and error, but that’s not recommended: you’ll likely only cause more damage while you check. The next step is to call in a professional electrician who can perform an insulation test or otherwise isolate the root of the problem before correcting it. This is not the sort of job that a do-it-yourselfer can perform. You need a trained and qualified professional to handle the issue correctly.

Luckily, you have a good option for all kinds of Hartford lighting problems. Electrical Connection, Inc. has the expertise to handle any electrical situation and we know what to do if your lighting keeps tripping your circuit breaker. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, and let us make sure your lighting system is back on track!

Why Hire Licensed Electricians for Your New Construction Wiring

March 28th, 2014

If you’re engaged in a new construction project, you may be tempted to cut a few corners here and there by undertaking a portion of the project yourself. This can be especially tempting if you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer. When it comes to electrical wiring, however, you shouldn’t take chances.  Why hire licensed Hartford electricians for your new construction wiring? The answers are self-apparent.

In the first place, licensing protects both you and the electrician in case anything goes wrong. Licensing means that the electrician is bonded and insured in the event of an accident, meaning that they’re legally obligated to complete your construction in a legal manner and that the insurance company will cover damages in the event anything goes wrong. Considering the dangers involving electricity and the difficulty in wiring a new system, to hire any other sort of operator constitutes a huge risk.

Beyond that, a licensed electrician can offer credentials that speak to his or her know-how. Licensing means passing tests that demonstrate one’s knowledge not only of electrical wiring, but of all the legal codes that entail electrical wiring, meaning that he or she can install it in a way that conforms to all safety rules and regulations. Not only does that make for a smoother, cleaner installation, but it provides assurances as to the safety of the final product that even the most skilled do-it-yourselfer would be hard-pressed to match.

All of that comes on top of the simple fact that you can trust a licensed electrician to do the job while you focus your energies on any of the thousand other issues involved with a large construction problems. Here in Hartford, electrical services are provided by the experts at Electrical Connection, Inc. Give us a call today to set up a consultation, and let us show you what we can do!

Warm Outlets: Is This a Problem?

March 20th, 2014

Warmth and electrical components rarely signal a good thing. In some instances, the warmth merely means that the device in question is working, but more often than not, it means that some kind of issue has arisen. This is especially the case when outlets are involved. They’re intended to do their job without issue, and if they’re warm to the touch, it’s not normal. Warm outlets are a problem you should be concerned about, and the reasons why can be found below. For any repair service you need, call the Hartford electricians at Electrical Connection, Inc.

Outlets contain contacts inside the receptacles (the slots where you place whatever electrical appliances you wish to power), which is often the cause of warmth. The contacts can sometimes get corroded or worn or loose, all of which can lead to overheating. In some cases, the wiring itself may be overheated, either because they are worn out and frayed or because some other issue is creating an overload along their length. (The problem could stem from the appliance rather than the outlet, but in such cases you’ll likely feel increased heat along the cord in addition to the outlet itself.) The outlet could also be overloaded by the sheer number of appliances plugged into it, in which case you can lower the heat by removing the appliances.

Regardless of the cause, a warm outlet constitutes a fire hazard and needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Shut off power to the outlet at the circuit box and then contact a qualified electrician who can examine it and perform the necessary repairs.

In Hartford, electricians at Electrical Connection, Inc. are on call to help you with problems just like these. If you detect a warm outlet in your home, pick up the phone and give us a call today. We’ll handle it with the courtesy and care you’ve come to expect!

Why You Should Consider a Central Vacuum System Installation

March 13th, 2014

Vacuuming is one of the more cumbersome regular household chores. You need to do it regularly to keep your house clean, but do you often put it off because you find it such a pan lugging around a bulky vacuum, stretching it out as far as it can go on a cord, then unplugging and re-plugging it somewhere else to reach all the spots in your home? You’re not alone.

But some homeowners have discovered the advantages of having a central vacuum system installed. Now they can’t imagine they ever lived without one.

Here is more information about central vacuum systems and why you should think about having one hooked up in your home. Call Electrical Connection, Inc. and talk to our Hartford, CT electrical experts for more information.

Central vacuum systems

A central vacuum is a single powerful unit that creates suction through hidden channels in the walls of your home. They go to inlets in different rooms in your house that are unobtrusive and resemble standard wall outlets. You simply attach a hose to one of the inlets and you have instant powerful vacuuming without the need of a portable unit.


  • Convenience: Instead of lugging around a cumbersome portable unit, hopping from outlet to outlet, you only need to carry around a lightweight hose and plug it into the nearby inlet to access the central system. All the dust and debris get swept up and moved to a single receptacle out of the way of your living space. This receptacle is easy to remove and clean. Plus, you no longer need to take up space storing a large vacuum cleaner.
  • Durability: You can expect a regular portable vacuum cleaner to last a few years before you need to replace it. (It’s rarely worth the price to have it repaired.) But a central system will endure for many, many years, and they are easy to have repaired if anything goes wrong.
  • Quiet operation: With the motors that work the suction power far removed from where you need to clean, central vacuums operate with reduced noise.
  • Added value: A central vacuuming system is such a convenient and attractive concept for a house that it will add value to your home.

Installation is simple

Professional installers can put a central vacuum system into your house with minimum amount of invasive work. They only need to create a few holes through your walls for the inlets, and the air pipes can go in without needing to remove drywall or other building material.

Call Electrical Connection, Inc. and ask about how our experts in all things electrical in Hartford, CT can bring the convenience of a central vacuum system to your home.

Some of the Different Types of Indoor Lighting Mounts

March 4th, 2014

When you are looking for a way to improve the interior of your home, lighting experts can help you develop a unique look and style for your indoor lighting. We’re an old city, and as such we have a wide variety of architectural styles in our Hartford homes. Lighting mounts play a huge role in the unique style of the space: practical and yet reflecting the unique sensibilities of the room they’re in. Here’s a quick look at some of the different types of indoor lighting mounts.

  • Flushed and semi-flushed. Flushed lights are mounted directly up against the ceiling or wall, while semi-flush light fixtures are hung slightly below the ceiling (usually 4 to 8 inches). Both of them are valued for their flexibility that allows them to be installed nearly anywhere, even places with low ceilings.
  • Recessed lighting. Recessed lighting plants the mounts directly into the wall of the ceiling, so that the light doesn’t extend past the plane of the mount itself. Like flushed lighting mounts, recessed mounts work very well for rooms with small ceilings.
  • Track lighting. Track lighting mounts a number of similar lights on a single track which you often see in bathrooms above the sink. They can be used to illuminate an entire area, or to provide a single fixed light directed at a piece of art or similar object of note.
  • Pendant Lights. Pendant lights hang from a chain or similar line, providing an elegant and stylish look for rooms with high ceilings. They include chandeliers, which are heavy and elaborate, and require a great deal of effort to install. In exchange, they provide a one-of-a-kind impression.

Once you’re familiar with some of the different types of indoor lighting mounts, the next step is to determine which one is right for your project or home. The experts at Electrical Connection Inc. have the knowledge and expertise to mount your indoor lighting for you. Give us a call today to learn more about our Hartford lighting services.

Your Options for a Security System

February 25th, 2014

Having a home security system in Hartford, CT can bring you a peace of mind that you can’t get from basic door and window locks or even from private security patrols. With the proper security system tailored to your house, you’ll have the protection necessary to keep your family and your property safe.

Electrical Connection, Inc. is proud to offer Security Connection, a division of our company that specializes in effective security systems for homes and businesses. Our technicians will work closely with you to design a system that fits your needs and budget. Whatever you require for your security, we can work with you to develop a system that will meet or exceed your expectations. Make Electrical Connection, Inc. and Security Connection your first choice for a security system in Hartford, CT.

Security System Options

Because Security Connection can adapt a system to your specifications, you have a variety of options to choose from when you work with us. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Home exterior security lighting: The design of the exterior lights on your home is an excellent way to deter crime. However, you can move past simply having better lighting to having lighting specifically aimed at security, such as movement lights. Security experts can help map out a plan for lighting that will increase your home’s safety.
  • CCTV/Video Surveillance: A video monitoring system or closed-circuit TV system is one of the best ways to increase your home’s security. If you already have one of these systems installed, you can opt to have upgrades to increase their durability and surveillance area.

From alarms to CCTV, at Security Connection we can put together a system to match your budget and your home. Call us today to talk about the sort of options we provide. Security Connection and Electrical Connection, Inc. are here for all your needs for a security system in Hartford, CT.

Portable Generators vs. Automatic Standby Generators: Which One Is Right for Me?

February 17th, 2014

Storms, blizzards and other hazards are a part of life in New England, and while our power grids are eminently reliable, all bets are off when the snow starts to fall. That’s why a generator is such an important purchase for you and your family. They keep the lights on and the household warm even as the wind and hail rage outside. If you’re looking for a generator in Newington, CT, we can discuss your options with you.  Usually, most homeowners have to choose between a portable and a standby generator, and below we have outlined some pros and cons of each.

Portable generators benefit from the fact that they’re, well, portable. You can take them with you and move them around to places that are most convenient to you. Unfortunately, most of them are very small, which means they can’t always power your entire house when the time comes. They can also pose a hazard when you place them somewhere that does provide for adequate ventilation of the exhaust. Because of their size, they may often need refueling as well, which can create significant logistical problems in the midst of an emergency.

Contrast that with an automatic standby generator, which is permanently installed on your property. It can be sized to properly power all of your lights and appliances, there’s no problems with exhaust since proper venting is installed with your unit. Automatic standby generators are designed to kick in the minute the power goes off, so you won’t have to worry about starting it up, and it may improve the resale value of your home to boot.

If you’re trying to determine which system is right for your Newington, CT home, then Electrical Connection can help. We deal with all types of generators, and we’re dedicated to you complete satisfaction every step of the way. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

Who Wrote the First Valentine’s Day Poem?

February 14th, 2014

The celebration of Valentine’s Day is often seen as a modern institution, even if the roots of the holiday go back to Late Antiquity and the figures of St. Valentine of Rome and St. Valentine of Terni. It’s difficult to separate our view of February 14th from the more recent phenomenon of greeting cards, comical cupids, and specialty treats from candy companies.

However, not only are some of these traditions older than we might think (mass-produced Valentine’s Day cards were an enormous success in early 19th-century England), but the earliest Valentine’s Day love poem comes from none other than the first great English author, Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrote in the second half of the 14th-century.

Chaucer’s most famous work is The Canterbury Tales, an enormous collection of linked stories in poetry and prose. But his 700-line poem “Parlement of Foules” has the special distinction of being the first surviving record of a connection between Valentine’s Day and romantic love. Chaucer probably composed the poem in 1381–82. At the time, he was a member of the court of King Richard II, holding an important bureaucratic position in London. The date suggests that Chaucer wrote “Parelment of Foules” to honor the first anniversary of the engagement of the English king to Princess Anne of Bohemia.

The poem follows the dream of the narrator, where he walks through Venus’s temple and discovers a meeting of birds where they all choose their mates. This is where the mention of St. Valentine’s Day appears (English modernized):

For this was on St. Valentine’s Day,                                                                         

When every bird cometh there to choose his mate.                                                                  

The poem also contains a familiar Valentine’s image, Cupid with his arrows:

Under a tree, beside a well, I saw

Cupid our lord his arrows forge and file;                                                             

And at his feet his bow already lay.

When Chaucer mentions St. Valentine’s Day, is he referring specifically to February 14th? Late winter isn’t a time when birds in England would mate. However, the date for the start of spring—when some birds would have started nesting in England—was on February 23rd in the calendars of the time, certainly close enough for Chaucer to take poetic license and nudge it a bit to match with Valentine’s Day.

Love birds remain a popular symbol of Valentine’s Day even now, and for this we can thank Chaucer. In fact, he may very well have invented the link between love and Valentine’s Day, although we will probably never know for certain.

Whoever started these traditions, all of us here at Electrical Connection, Inc. hope you have a wonderful February 14th!