Why Should I Be Using an Attic Fan?

August 31st, 2015

You won’t necessarily need to use an attic fan in your home, but many people mistakenly overlook the benefits that an attic fan, when installed and serviced professionally, can offer. The only way in which to determine if your home is a good match for an attic fan is to work with a trained, experienced professional. You’ll find them on our staff. We employ some of the finest electricians in the industry, and we are more than happy to help you to determine if the use of an attic fan in Newington, CT is right for your home. If this is determined to be the case, you can count on Electrical Connection, Inc. to provide you with the exceptional attic fan services that you need. Continue Reading

Let Our Electricians Wire Your Addition or Renovated Space

August 24th, 2015

Has your family outgrown the home that you purchased some time ago? Are you finally ready to give yourself that home office that you’ve been thinking about for years? Do you want to renovate an existing space in your home, such as your kitchen or bathroom, to make it a bit more modern and aesthetically appealing? Whatever your renovation or room addition plans may be, remember that you are going to need to renovate or add onto your existing electrical wiring as well. Just because it’s not a new construction project doesn’t mean that you can attempt to handle your new addition or renovation wiring in Newington, CT on your own. Contact us to schedule your wiring services with the professional electricians on the Electrical Connection, Inc. staff. Continue Reading

Protect Your Safety with GFCI Outlets

August 17th, 2015

The electrical systems in our homes are integral in ensuring that we are able to live with all of the modern conveniences that we demand. With that in mind, though, you must remember that electricity can be dangerous if not used properly within the home. These days, there are more safety precautions than ever before, which allows homeowners to use electricity with well-deserved confidence. One such precaution is the GFCI outlet. Chances are that you have at least a few GFCI outlets installed throughout your home. If not, you ought to. Read the information below to get a better understanding as to why you should be using GFCI outlets in Newington, CT. If you decide to schedule GFCI outlet installation service, make sure that you hire the professional electricians at Electrical Connection, Inc. to get the job done right. Continue Reading

Carbon Monoxide Detector Tip: Can You Count on Yours?

August 10th, 2015

Having a working carbon monoxide detector is important for all homes. Unlike smoke, carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It is virtually unnoticeable without a detector, and CO in high concentrations can be fatal. You need to be able to trust your carbon monoxide detector to alert when there is the risk of toxic exposure in your home. Can you count on yours? Continue Reading

Consider a New Landscape Lighting System

August 3rd, 2015

When you move into a home, there is a lot to occupy your attention. With all of the tasks at hand within the house, it can be easy to put landscaping jobs, especially those seen as nonessential, on the back burner. If you are at a point where you can turn your attention to the grounds surrounding your house, though, we recommend that you give our staff a call. Integrating a landscape lighting system into your property is a great way to make your property more secure, safe and visually appealing. Of course, in order to fully benefit from your landscape lighting in Newington, CT, you must hire a professional electrician to do the job. That is why you are wise to follow our previous recommendation, and to schedule your landscape lighting services with the pros at Electrical Connection, Inc. Continue Reading

Why Schedule Professional Pool Wiring Services?

July 27th, 2015

Summer is a great time of the year, one that you can enjoy to its fullest by having a pool installed on your property. Anyone who has owned and operated a pool before can tell you, though, that maintaining one is a bit more complex than you may think. It is far from just being a hole in the ground filled with water. In addition to balancing pH levels, skimming leaves and adding necessary chemicals (all of which you can do on your own), you will also require some professional pool wiring services in Newington, CT. In order to ensure that your pool wiring is completed properly, contact a member of the staff here at Electrical Connection, Inc.

Continue Reading

Choosing Your Generator: Portable vs. Whole-House Models

July 13th, 2015

Power outages are always seriously inconvenient, regardless of how long one may last or how frequently they may occur. Investing in a good generator in Newington, CT is necessary if you hope to keep the power in your home flowing, even when the electricity from the grid cannot make it to your home. Choosing the right generator for your needs is vital, though. If you do not have a generator that suits your situation and output expectations exactly, then you will find that you are not much better off than you’d be without power at all. Whole-house generators and portable generators are both available to homeowners in our service area. If you’d like to schedule services for either type, Electrical Connection, Inc. is the company to call.  Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Security System

July 11th, 2015

Commercial property owners generally have very busy schedules. As busy as you may be, though, it is important that you remember that building security is not something that you can let slip through the cracks. While your clients and employees will certainly appreciate having a comfortable environment to dine, work or shop in, they will appreciate feeling safe while doing so even more. This is why you are wise to consider the installation of a commercial security system in Newington, CT. Of course, if you hope to ensure that your system is well-designed and expertly installed, it is necessary that you schedule this installation with a trained, qualified professional. Doing so is simple. Just call upon the pros here at Electrical Connection, Inc. to have the job done right. Continue Reading

Common Signs That You Need Electrical Repairs

July 6th, 2015

The electrical system in your home, as you doubtless realize, is of vital importance. We rely on electricity for a lot of different tasks throughout the day, from charging our mobile devices to heating up our food and powering our appliances. With that in mind, it should be pretty obvious that you must schedule immediate electrical repairs in Newington, CT at the first sign of trouble. The consequences can be pretty severe if you choose to ignore indicators that any facet of your electrical system is in trouble. When in doubt, contact a member of our staff. Electrical Connection, Inc. is happy to handle any electrical repair services that you may require. Continue Reading

Why Schedule a Professional Flat-Screen TV Mounting?

June 29th, 2015

There was a time when the purchase of a flat-screen TV seemed like the sort of luxury that was out of reach for most people. However, modern technology has made vast steps in ensuring that such luxuries are affordable enough for most homeowners to enjoy. Now that you are able to budget for a flat-screen TV, it only makes sense that you hire a skilled professional to complete the installation and mounting of that television. Regardless of the make or model, a flat-screen TV is still a sizable investment. You want to get the fullest experience possible when watching that television, which is why you should schedule your flat-screen TV mounting services in Newington, CT with us. Contact Electrical Connection, Inc. today to get started. Continue Reading