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Hartford and Newington, CT Circuit Tracing

At Electrical Connection in Newington, CT, we offer circuit tracing services to customers throughout the area. We only hire licensed electricians so that you can feel confident in all the lighting and electrical services that we provide, from installation to repair. We take pride in the work that we offer, and our electricians show up on time and professionally dressed. If you are interested in circuit tracing services, call us today for an accurate estimate!

Electrical Connection provides electrical services to homes and businesses throughout the state of Connecticut.

What is a Circuit Tracer?

Circuit tracers are used to transmit a signal to your circuit breaker panel to determine which breaker has been flipped during a power surge. By using a circuit tracer to trace the flipped circuit, you save time in getting the power back on in that area of your building. You can also use circuit tracing to trace wires inside walls, ceilings, underground, and other inaccessible locations to pinpoint the location of a wire or cable. We can show you how to properly use this device during the installation, so call us any time for circuit tracing services.

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Other Uses and Ratings for Circuit Tracers

Other uses for circuit tracers include locating ground fault shortages when a breaker trips and won’t reset; you can use the signal transmitter to locate the ground fault location. They can also be used to locate dead circuits. As with any electrical device, circuit tracers have certain limitations. However, the benefits of these devices enable you to troubleshoot electrical problems or outages in your building more easily. That means less down time and less loss of business, which can save you money in the in the end.

Keep in mind that circuit tracers will vary in terms of how they are rated. It’s best to install a highly–rated circuit tracer for all commercial and industrial applications. These will have more safety features, so it is worth it to make sure you get a high quality device to protect your building from electrical damages. Call us if you have questions about ratings for circuit tracers.

Electrical Connection – Your Hartford and Newington, CT Electrical Service Provider

Electrical Connection is proud to be your Newington, CT electrical service provider. We offer circuit tracing to commercial businesses throughout the state. From installations to repairs, our motto stays the same: No job is 100% complete until the customer is 100% satisfied! We provide accurate estimates and upfront pricing. Call us any time for a consultation or if you need emergency repairs.