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Commercial Electrical Service Upgrades in Connecticut

Commercial Electrical Service Upgrade in Connecticut

When you need electrical service upgrades in the Hartford area, call Electrical Connection. Unfortunately, there are a lot of older commercial facilities in our area that have not been brought up to code since they were built many years ago.

While during a renovation project is a good time to upgrade your electrical service systems, you can choose to upgrade electrical wiring or other equipment at any time. Feel free to call Electrical Connection for an accurate estimate on any electrical service upgrade.

Electrical Connection provides electrical services to homes and businesses throughout the state of Connecticut.

What is an Electrical Service Upgrade?

The capacity of the electrical service in your commercial building is determined by a few factors. It’s mostly based on the electrical capacity of your building’s wiring system and the load calculations for any electrical equipment connected to the wiring system. Also, the size of the breaker or fuse box should give you an estimate of your building’s service capacity. Electric service upgrades may include updating underground cables to service panels and meters.

Service Capacity for Commercial Facilities

Service capacity for commercial facilities is determined by the load capacity of the total power needed to run your facility. The more circuits you have, the more power your building demands. If you have not had your electrical system inspected, you could be putting an older building at risk. Call the licensed electricians at Electrical Connection if you experience any electrical problems, such as power surges and frequent circuit failure. We provide full safety inspections to ensure that your building is up to code. Call any time for your next service.

Service Panel Installations and Upgrades

Having an electric service upgrade may not be necessary. Instead, you may only need to upgrade a service panel or circuit capacity. To determine the most cost-effective solution, we provide a load calculation in accordance with National Electric Code (NEC). We also provide accurate estimates and upfront pricing. At Electrical Connection, your safety is our priority, and that’s why we ensure that our technicians are trained to install electrical equipment that meets the local codes and safety regulations. We are a full service electrical company, so call us for all your commercial electrical needs.

Electrical Connection - Your Local Electrical Contractor

Electrical Connection wants to be your Hartford area electrical contractor! We are committed to our customers and providing them with comprehensive electrical services, from installations to routine maintenance and repairs. Our licensed electricians wear clean uniforms and protective shoe coverings to minimize disruption to your home and leave it clean when they finish any job. Call today for an accurate estimate on a service panel upgrade!

If you are looking for electrical service upgrades for your business in Hartford, Newington or anywhere in Connecticut then please call 860-667-7652 or complete our online request form.

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