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3 Considerations for Your Entertainment Center

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Entertainment centers are rapidly becoming the centerpiece in many homes, featuring HD televisions, sophisticated game systems, DVD and Blu-ray players and the speakers to deliver movie-theater quality right in your own home. All of those electrical components together can create some unique challenges for the power system in your home, which you should be aware of before you start assembling and wiring your entertainment center. Here in Hartford, electrical service providers can give you advice specific to your needs, but in general terms, here are 3 consideration for your entertainment center.

  • Handle the wiring with care. Cables and speaker wires have a way of getting out of hand very quickly, especially in the back of the system where they all cluster together, and with remote speakers that may need wire run to them across problematic spots like doorways. Speak to your electrician about the best way to keep those wires separated and safe.
  • Monitor heat concerns. All of those components in close proximity can generate a great deal of heat, possibly damaging them and your electrical system as a whole. Make sure every component has adequate ventilation and keep wires and cables away from potential hot spots.
  • Balance the power load evenly. Even if you use strip plugs and surge protectors, you still have a larger number of power hungry components, likely plugged into a very small number of outlets. Consult your electrician to make sure your circuits can handle the load and to discuss solutions if you can’t.

Other considerations or your entertainment center include the placement of lighting, and way in which you should secure loose elements like a flat-screen TV. Electrical concerns of all varieties can be addressed by expert electricians in Hartford at Electrical Connection Inc. Power cables and electrical lines are nothing to take lightly, even with a seemingly “do it yourself” project like an entertainment center. Our trained experts can help you plan for everything you might want, then assemble all the components in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner. Give us a call today to discuss your options. You’ll be glad you did!


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