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3 Ways Installing a Generator Can Benefit You

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In Hartford, installing a generator can be a smart choice for homeowners this winter season. We get out share of blizzards here in the Northeast, and while the local power company is very reliable, sometimes there’s nothing you can do but hunker down and endure the worst of it. A generator is worth its weight in gold during such times, allowing you to keep running your heat, lights and appliances during those times when you desperately need it.

Here are 3 ways installing a generator in your Hartford home can benefit you:

  • Reliability. The first and most obvious benefit of a generator is its reliability. When the power goes out, you’re at the mercy of the electric company to get it back, which is itself at the mercy of the elements. A generator gives you back some of that control. As long as you maintain it, it should be ready for an eventuality, ensuring that you can keep the lights on and the heater running when the weather gets grim.
  • Safety. Losing power to your television and internet means cutting you off form important news and information. Losing power to your heat can become actively dangerous during a winter storm. And losing power to your refrigerator can spoil food and supplies, forcing you to go out just when things are at their worst. A generator makes sure you stay connected to the outside world, while keeping your family warm and comfortable at all times.
  • Resale value. If your generator is stationary and not portable, it becomes an active asset to your house, which will improve its resale value when the time comes to move.

There are plenty of other ways installing a generator in Hartford can benefit you. Electrical Connection Inc. can explain them to you, as well as installing the right generator for your needs.  Give us a call today and let us help you set one up right!


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