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Ask a Hartford Electrician: Is My Circuit Breaker Safe?

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Electrical safety is a huge priority for homeowners. You want to know that you and your family are safe from electrical shocks and that your electrical components will work consistently. When you need a Hartford electrician make sure that you call Electrical Connection Inc.. Your circuit breaker is the entry point for all of the electricity that comes into your home from the street. If it isn’t working well then it could cause huge problems for your home’s electricity and for your safety. We wanted to put together a quick list of some of the things that you can look for to determine if your circuit breaker is working safely.

Hartford Electrician Tips: How to Detect a Bad Circuit Breaker

When you have any doubts about your home’s circuit breaker it’s usually best to call for a professional electrician. While the indicators below can help you figure out if your circuit breaker isn’t working well you should never attempt to fix the problem yourself. You could end up injuring yourself or causing damage to your circuit breaker.

  • Frequent breaker trips – If you notice that your circuit breaker is frequently tripping the breaker switches it likely means that there is something wrong with your circuit breaker. While it still might be operating safely you should definitely call for service.
  • Burn marks – Open up the protective case of your circuit breaker. If you see burn marks anywhere around the switches it likely means that your circuit breaker is overheating and not flipping the switch like it should. Your circuit breaker uses magnetic switches that normally get tripped when the flow of electricity is too much. But if they aren’t working well then they could be allowing the electrical main wires to get to hot and cause burning.
  • Rust – If there are any signs of rust on or around your circuit breaker you should call for the service. Rust means that there is water close to your circuit breaker which is never good. This could compromise the operation of your circuit breaker and the safety of your home.

When you need a Hartford electrician make sure that you call the experts at Electrical Connection Inc. today. We have years of experience working with all different kinds of electrical issues including bad circuit breakers.


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