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Can Outdoor Lighting Make My Home More Secure?

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Many people look at outdoor lighting as a decorative addition, but the truth is that a good outdoor lighting plan adds a level of security to a home along with warmth and attractiveness. Well-lit areas typically ward off potential thieves and also allow you and your loved ones to see at night, no matter the time of year. By keeping certain design aspects in mind along with a focus on security, your professional outdoor lighting technician in Berlin, CT can create great outdoor lighting for your home that also offers a level of security:


The placement of outdoor lighting is important. While many properties tend to use highly-placed, bright lights, there are other locations that lighting can, and should, be placed to maximize security. Some locations include in or behind shrubbery; up and down walkways; inside all doorways; under steps and ledges; and at the base or in the canopy of trees.

Use Sensors and Timers

Sensors and timers are great for making sure your lighting comes on as soon as it starts to get dark. One type of sensor called a photosensor can detect when daylight is diminishing and automatically turns on your outdoor lighting in accordance with the day’s disappearing light. Timers can be set to turn the lights on and off at a specific time, ensuring that you’ll have light when you need it.

Install Shielded Fixtures

It may seem counter-intuitive to install lighting fixtures that have some light shielding on them, but there’s a reason for this: glare. Outdoor lights that do not have any shielding can create tremendous glare that negates the point of having a light in the first place.

Use Different Types of Light Bulbs

There are a number of different types of light bulbs available for homeowners, including LED, vapor, solar and high-wattage bulbs. Mixing the bulbs to maximize your outdoors can create a lighting plan that highlights your home while also creating security.

Working with an expert is the best way to ensure that your outdoor lighting does what you need it to. Call Electrical Connection Inc. today and schedule an appointment for outdoor lighting installation in Berlin, CT with one of our trained experts.


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