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Carbon Monoxide Detector Tip: Can You Count on Yours?

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Having a working carbon monoxide detector is important for all homes. Unlike smoke, carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It is virtually unnoticeable without a detector, and CO in high concentrations can be fatal. You need to be able to trust your carbon monoxide detector to alert when there is the risk of toxic exposure in your home. Can you count on yours?

Where does it come from? Carbon monoxide is typically a byproduct of combustion processes. Furnaces, gas water heaters, fireplaces, gas stoves and generators can produce small amounts of carbon monoxide, but this equipment is designed to ventilate to the outside. However, whether due to malfunction or improper use, carbon monoxide can become a hazard in the home.

What does it do? In low concentrations, the health effects are nevertheless severe. Even the energetic and healthy will feel very fatigued. Those with pre-existing heart disease may experience chest pain. If you are exposed to high concentrations of carbon monoxide, then you may experience confusion, dizziness, nausea and impaired vision. You may feel as though you’ve come down with the flu, but feel much better outside. Carbon monoxide affects the body by preventing the absorption of oxygen that your blood cells need to survive. If you think you may carbon monoxide in your home, leave the premises immediately and call 911.

Why is professional installation important? Professional installation goes hand in hand with reliability. Your local technician will know exactly where to place the detector in your home and ensure that it’s working properly. He’ll also tell you what you need to know to keep it that way.

If you don’t know whether you have a CO detector in your home, or are unsure as to whether it’s working properly, call the Newington carbon monoxide detector experts at Electrical Connection Inc.


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