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What to Do if Your Lighting Keeps Tripping Circuit Breakers

Your lighting is arguably the most important part of your household, even ahead of heating and air conditioning. Here in Hartford, lighting systems can run the gamut from ancient apparatus more than a century old to modern equipment…

How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?

Circuit breakers replaced older fuses as a safety measure helping to control electricity in your home. They occupy a central circuit box in your home, which gets power from the local electrical grid and distributes it to the various rooms…

Tripping Circuit Breakers? Call Your Hartford Electrican

Circuit breakers are designed to keep your home and appliances safe by shutting off the power to certain sections of the home before an overload or similar problem causes damage. Tripped circuit breakers can be inconvenient…

Ask a Hartford Electrician: Is My Circuit Breaker Safe?

Electrical safety is a huge priority for homeowners. You want to know that you and your family are safe from electrical shocks and that your electrical components will work consistently. When you need a Hartford electrician…

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