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3 Fall Electrical Safety Tips For The Holiday Season

With the freshness of fall season, the stifling heat of summer is gone and our minds finally turn toward the coming holidays. Visions of family and laughter send us planning family meals, shopping for gifts, and dressing up for Halloween. It is so easy to get caught up in this busy season that we scarcely […]

3 Ways That We Can Make Your Home Safer

When you think of living safely, you likely think of the services provided to you by your local fire and police departments. It is important to remember, though, that threats to one’s safety can come in a number of guises, even from within your home itself. If you are interested in making your home a generally safer place to live, you can enlist the assistance of the professional electricians on our staff.

What Does It Mean for My Electric System to be “Up to Code”?

You have probably heard the phrase “up to code” used before to refer to homes and businesses. Sometimes this applies to building construction, or to the hygiene standards for food service companies. But it can also refer to the electrical system, and this “code” is important for homes and well as commercial buildings.

Electrical Safety Tips: What To Do in a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms can be scary and many homeowners aren’t sure what they should do in order to protect their homes and their families. Here at Electrical Connection, we offer a huge range of services for all different kinds of electrical components in your home.

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