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Common Signs of Electrical Problems in Hartford, CT

More and more every year, we come to rely on electronically powered gadgets. From smart TVs, gigabit internet, and high-end stereo components, to our air conditioners, security lighting, and electric ovens, we have come to rely on electricity…

Newington, CT Electrical FAQ: What’s Wrong with My Electrical Equipment?

Are you having trouble with the electrical equipment in your Newington, CT area home? While you should call an electrician for any type of electrical work in your home, it’s a good to have an idea about what could be wrong with the equipment.

New Electrical Connection Service Vans!

Check out our great new service vans. Let us know if you see our electricians in Newington, Hartford, Canton or elsewhere. We provide top quality electrical services throughout Connecticut.

Newington, CT Electrical Installation

At Electrical Connection, we understand that many homeowners like to handle jobs around the house on their own. This is a great attitude to have, and there are many home improvement projects that invite the DIY attitude.

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