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Choosing Your Generator: Portable vs. Whole-House Models

Power outages are always seriously inconvenient, regardless of how long one may last or how frequently they may occur. Investing in a good generator in Newington, CT is necessary if you hope to keep the power in your home flowing, even when the electricity from the grid cannot make it to your home.

How Does An Automatic Standby Generator Work?

It can be stressful and costly to lose power. At least, it can be if you’re unprepared. That is why you should consider the installation of an automatic standby generator in Central Connecticut. Such systems switch on automatically upon sensing that the electricity servicing your home has cut out.

Should I Install an Automatic Standby Generator for My Home?

Where would we be without electricity? Electricity gets us through the most basic tasks of the day, from powering our ovens and microwaves for cooking, to allowing our alarm clocks to stay on throughout the night so we wake up at the right time. Electricity is vital to some homeowners for very specific and important reasons.

Portable Generators vs. Automatic Standby Generators: Which One Is Right for Me?

Storms, blizzards and other hazards are a part of life in New England, and while our power grids are eminently reliable, all bets are off when the snow starts to fall. That’s why a generator is such an important purchase for you and your family.

Why a Whole Home Generator Is Your Best Generator Option

As the past few weeks reminds us, a heavy blizzard can come from anywhere. When it hits, you need your home to be prepared. Here in Hartford, many homes have generators, providing safe reliable power for when the lights go out.

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