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Benefits of Whole-House Surge Protection

When you think of keeping your home safe, you likely think of the locks on your doors and windows, security lighting systems, smoke detectors, and other such features. One way in which you can protect your home that you may not have thought of, though, is by having a whole-house surge protector installed therein. If you are interested in purchasing a whole-house surge protector in Newington, CT, give Electrical Connection, Inc. a call today. Our electricians have the skill and training necessary to ensure that your whole-house surge protection system is installed properly every step of the way.

Do I Need Whole-House Surge Protection?

Have you ever thought about the effect that a power surge can have in your home? This may happen for many reasons, from a lightning strike near the home (a less common event) to a downed power line. A power surge has the potential to ruin your electronics, even those we wouldn’t normally think to be at risk.

More Than Just Lightning: The Sources of Power Surges

Most people have an idea of what power surges are like, or at least they think they do: lightning bolts. And lighting is indeed a major cause of destructive power surges that can harm the appliances in a home. However, there are many more causes of power surges that are less spectacular and harder to recognize.

Ask a Hartford Electrician: Are Power Strips Enough Protection from Surges?

Power surges: The bane of computer users who haven’t remembered to back up that crucial home finance spreadsheet, or the new draft of their potential Great American Novel. At one time or another, all of us have had to deal with the nightmare…

Hartford Electrical FAQ: What is a Power Surge?

The term “power surge” is a frightening one for anybody who uses electrical appliances, whether at home or at work. It carried a particularly intimidating meaning for computers, since a surge can mean a fried machine and lost data.

Ask a Connecticut Electrician: How Surge Protection Works

The electricity in your home is one of the most important fuel sources that you have. Similar to other fuels like natural gas and propane, electricity has its own set of risks. One of those risks is the instability of the electrical grid.

Prevent Electrical Repair in Hartford, CT with Surge Protection

Homeowners are often willing to avoid electrical problems by any means, and so we’ve written this post to tell you a little bit about whole home surge protection, which can help you prevent electrical repair in Harford, CT.

Reasons to Get a Whole House Surge Protector in Harford

Surge protection is the only way to keep your valuable electronic devices safe throughout your home. While portable power strips can be effective in certain applications, whole house surge protection is on another level entirely.

Newington, CT Electrical FAQ: What is Whole-House Surge Protection?

If you are thinking of a whole-house surge protection system for your Newington, CT area home, call Electrical Connection. A whole-home surge protector protects all the electrical devices in your home from damage during a power surge.

If you are looking for an electrician in Connecticut, please call Electrical Connection at 860-667-7652 or fill out our online request form.