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Common Winter Electrical Repairs

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You will depend on your electrical system more in winter than you do during any other time of the year: with longer nights, you will expect to see an increase in your electricity bills during the colder months. However, if you notice a massive spike in your bills, it might indicate you need electrical repair in Hartford, CT. You should get any repairs done as soon as you can, since a loss of power during the winter can turn extremely unpleasant.

What are some of the common repairs you might need during the winter? We’ll list some of the ones we perform most often. Our expert technicians at Electrical Connection Inc. are ready around the clock and around the year to provide you with electrical repairs the winter can trigger.

Repairs common during the winter

Fixing frayed weatherhead wiring: Have you noticed the lights in your home flickering during a harsh winter wind? The likely cause is frayed wiring in the weatherhead, which is the outdoor fitting where overhead cables from the power line enter your house. Each time the wind moves the frayed wiring, it will create shorts throughout your home. Like most electrical repairs, you don’t want to attempt to fix this yourself—nor should you be climbing on an icy roof during a windstorm!

Fixing constantly tripping circuit breakers: An occasional tripped circuit breaker is not an emergency; it only indicates a brief power surge. However, during winter, the number of appliances running at one time can start the circuit breakers tripping like falling dominoes. If efforts to reduce power consumption and outlet overload do not prevent this trouble, then you made need your wiring repaired before it becomes a safety hazard.

Service panel upgrade and repair: If you have an older service panel in your home, a harsh winter can push it past its limits. If a technician comes to service circuit breakers that trip continually, also have him or her inspect the entire service panel to see if it needs repairs or possibly a replacement.

Don’t try this at home! We are professionals

As with any problem connected to electricity, trying to make any of these repairs yourself is potentially very hazardous and you should never undertake them unless you are a qualified electrician. But if you aren’t, you don’t have to worry, since qualified technicians who perform electrical repair in Hartford, CT are only a phone call away at Electrical Connection Inc.


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