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Considerations for New Outdoor Lighting

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Enhanced or redesigned outdoor lighting is a good way to provide a home with the appearance of a complete remodel without spending the money and time on an actual massive building project. With the assistance of professional electricians who have a background in home lighting, you can create a pleasing new look for the outside of your house. Enhanced outdoor lighting will also allow you to make more use of outdoor recreational facilities and enjoy increased levels of security.

To find out more about installing new outdoor lighting in Avon, CT, get in touch with Electrical Connection Inc. We have landscape lighting experts who will design a new lighting scheme to meet your home’s needs. We offer estimates and upfront pricing, so contact us today.

Some Tips for Your Outdoor Lighting

  • Light for safety as well as beauty: The outside of a home can be a hazardous place at night if it has insufficient lighting. When you set out to enhance your home’s outdoor lighting scheme, target dark and shadowy spots that receive plenty of foot traffic. Two important areas to watch for: the driveway and the front porch. Any spot that has steps should also receive clear lighting. Outdoor lighting experts will make sure that these safety lights blend with the rest of the lighting scheme, so you won’t have any garish, ugly spotlights that attract attention to themselves.
  • Choose energy-saving lights: Ask your lighting expert about using LED-light bulbs and minimizing wattage. Although LED light bulbs cost more than standard incandescent bulbs, they last many times longer and use only a fraction of the energy, so they will rapidly pay for themselves. You also do not need overwhelming wattage to create effective outdoor lighting, so low-wattage bulbs are sufficient for most zones.
  • Timers, zones, dimmers, and sensors: Create an outdoor lighting design that you can adjust to your satisfaction. Have your lighting designer set up different zones of lights that can operate independent of each other. Include light timers that turn the lights on and off at different times during the day. Dimmers will allow you to put the illumination right at the level that you want it. Skilled installers can put in motion sensors, which will help keep you safe—and also scare off potential criminals.

Creating the perfect outdoor lighting setup is complicated, which is why you should always rely on lighting specialists to take care of the job. Lighting homes—inside and out—is one of our specialties at Electrical Connection Inc. We can deliver you the ideal outdoor lighting in Avon, CT to give your house a fresh look, and to increase your safety and outdoor enjoyment.


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