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Advantages of the GENERAC Siemens Generator

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An automatic standby generator hooked into your house’s electrical system is one of the best “home insurance policies” in which you can invest. In case of an extended power outage, you will have a steady supply of the electricity you need to keep your family comfortable and safe.

Proper generator installation requires the work of experienced professionals who will know how to match the right sized generator to your home’s needs and connect it so it will work right when the emergency time arrives. Electrical Connection, Inc. is an authorized sales and service dealer for the GENERAC Siemens Generator in Farmington, CT and throughout the state. GENERAC models are among the best options when it comes to installing a backup generator for either a home or business. They come with superb features that should make them a top choice for any generator installation.

Some Benefits and Features of a GENERAC Generator

There are many different models of GENERAC generators available to match your home’s requirements. Here are some of the features you can expect to see on the various models:

  • The OHVI engine, which is specifically designed for use in generators to offer a level of reliability that you can depend on through extended power outages.
  • Quiet-Test, a weekly self-test that the generator runs at low RPMs. This will ensure that the generator is always ready to go to work when it is needed, and will delivers warnings of any malfunctions in time to have them fixed.
  • Mobile Link Remote Monitoring permits you a connection to your generator through a smart phone or other mobile device so you can check on the generator’s status remotely.
  • True Power Technology reduces harmonic distortion so that a home’s more sensitive electrical appliances will run smoothly.
  • The Evolution Controller provides a two-line LCD text display and color-coded backlit buttons to permit easy control.
  • Some models come with multiple fuel choice, so you can run the generator on the natural gas line or from a propane fuel supply.
  • The QuietSource Series offers high levels of power that can manage additional areas in a home like garages, pools, and guest houses. The low-RPM liquid-cooled engine runs at extremely quiet levels (at least 10 dB quieter than competitive units) and with lower amount of fuel consumption.

There are far too many options for GENERAC generators to list here, so call Electrical Connection, Inc. today to talk to our professionals regarding a new generator in Farmington, CT. They can guide you through the many available models to find the generator that will ideally fit the needs of your home and family. We offer full service for installation, maintenance, and repairs.

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