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Six Lighting Tips for Aging Vision

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As we age, we need a different quality of light – higher light levels without glare. We are also much more sensitive to changing light levels and our circadian rhythms are more dependent on illumination throughout the day.

Progress Lighting Based on these facts, six points should be considered when choosing and installing lighting in homes with senior inhabitants:

  • Interior spaces – including hallways – should be evenly illuminated
  • Conceal lighting bulbs and tubes from view
  • Incorporate layers of light (i.e. ceiling lighting, wall sconces and table lamps)
  • Choose light sources with good color rendering
  • Task lighting should have a high light level and be adjustable in position
  • Avoid light sources that cause glare (i.e. halogen)

LEDs are also an excellent option for aging vision. This innovative source is cool to the touch, rarely needs replaced and is gentle on circadian rhythms.

To learn more about lighting for the ages and LEDs, follow the Progress Lighting blog at www.progresslighting.com/blog.

About Progress Lighting

Progress Lighting is committed to manufacturing award-winning energy efficient products while educating individuals on new options available in solid-state lighting.  The lighting manufacturer also responds to the ever-changing needs of the lighting industry with extensive research and development programs that ensure high standards of quality and innovation for the home. 

 Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., Progress Lighting has distribution centers located throughout the country that support one of the largest networks of electrical distributors and showrooms in the United States. Visit www.progresslighting.com, follow on Twitter @ProgressLtg, find on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ProgressLighting and follow on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/progressltg

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