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Hartford, CT Electrical Tip: Easy Ways to Save Energy

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Older homes often have old and inefficient electrical systems, which means higher bills and even trouble with heating and cooling during Connecticut’s seasonal extremes. You can increase your energy efficiency by installing a new heater or air conditioner, or by installing energy saving devices like a programmable thermostat or a refrigerator with an EnergyStar label. But beyond that, you can still find easy ways to save energy and cut down on those pesky electrical bills in the bargain.

For starters, set your thermostat a few degrees warmer or cooler than you might otherwise. You’d be surprised how little this affects your overall comfort levels while still providing a significant boon to your monthly energy bills. Replace the filters on your air conditioner and set your refrigerator’s internal temperature for 40 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as making any needed repairs quickly and promptly.

You can further help in this endeavor by upgrading your system with a programmable thermostat or perhaps a zone control system. Both give you greater flexibility in determining how you use your heater or AC unit, allowing you to heat or cool just one section of the house and/or automatically adjust the home’s temperature when you’re away at work. You can also save energy by scheduling regular maintenance sessions on your major appliances, and ensuring that they are functioning as smoothly as possible.

All of that comes on top of common-sense energy solutions like dressing warmly at home in the winter instead of running the heater, and not running the stove or the laundry during the heat of the day in the summer. For more easy ways to save energy, call the Hartford electrical experts at Electrical Connection Inc..


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