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Hartford Electrician Tip: Common Lighting Problems

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Call the Hartford electricians at Electrical Connection Inc. if you are having trouble with any type of lighting in your home or business. We troubleshoot and repair all types of indoor and outdoor lighting systems and light fixtures, from track lighting to commercial parking lot lighting. Meanwhile, we’ve put together a list of common lighting problems and potential solutions.

Bulbs Burning Out at a High Rate

One problem we see a lot in homes and businesses alike is when light bulbs burn out at a high rate. There’s a multitude of potential reasons for this. If the problem is isolated to one fixture or area in your home or commercial facility, it could simply be that type of bulb you are using is not right for that particular application. Call us for advice on the best bulbs to use for each situation.

Flickering or Blinking Lights

When lights are flickering or blinking, there could be a bad connection somewhere along the circuit. If the problem occurs throughout your home or building, you could have a problem with a main wire. Call an electrician if this happens.

Recessed Lighting Flashing On and Off

Because recessed lights are flush to the ceiling, they are equipped with a safety feature that keeps them from overheating. If they are going off and coming on later again, it could be the built-in safety cutout, which indicates that you could be using the wrong wattage or type of bulb for that particular light.

Inconsistencies in Brightness or Popping Bulbs

If some of your lights are extra bright and others are dim, there could be a bad connection in the circuit or the wiring has been installed incorrectly. When bulbs pop after turning on a light every time, this is a problem that can damage the lighting and other electrical equipment. Make sure you stop using that light and call an electrician.

Be sure to call the electricians at Electrical Connection Inc. in Hartford for all your electrical repair and lighting needs.


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