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Electrical Tips for Connecticut

Common Signs That You Need Electrical Repairs

The electrical system in your home, as you doubtless realize, is of vital importance. We rely on electricity for a lot of different tasks throughout the day, from charging our mobile devices to heating up our food and powering our appliances.

Why Schedule a Professional Flat-Screen TV Mounting?

There was a time when the purchase of a flat screen TV seemed like the sort of luxury that was out of reach for most people. However, modern technology has made vast steps in ensuring that such luxuries are affordable enough for most homeowners to enjoy.

Benefits of Whole-House Surge Protection

When you think of keeping your home safe, you likely think of the locks on your doors and windows, security lighting systems, smoke detectors, and other such features. One way in which you can protect your home that you may not have thought of, though, is by having a whole-house surge protector installed therein. If you are interested in purchasing a whole-house surge protector in Newington, CT, give Electrical Connection, Inc. a call today. Our electricians have the skill and training necessary to ensure that your whole-house surge protection system is installed properly every step of the way.

3 Ways That We Can Make Your Home Safer

When you think of living safely, you likely think of the services provided to you by your local fire and police departments. It is important to remember, though, that threats to one’s safety can come in a number of guises, even from within your home itself. If you are interested in making your home a generally safer place to live, you can enlist the assistance of the professional electricians on our staff.

Why Are My Light Bulbs Burning Out So Quickly?

We’ve all been there; a light bulb in your home burns out, so you replace it only to have it burn out again before much time has passed. It is a frustrating scenario, but it is also one which many homeowners foolishly allow to continue developing. If you think that there is nothing you can do about this problem in your home, or that it is simply a quirk of your electrical system, think again. There are a number of different potential reasons as to why the light bulbs in your home are burning out too quickly.

Central Connecticut Smoke Detector Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), almost two-thirds of deaths resulting from a home fire were in homes without a working smoke detector. Because smoke spreads fast, a working smoke detector is a key safety device that can warn you of a fire so that you have time to get out of harm’s way.

What Makes a Carbon Monoxide Detector So Vital?

Perhaps the easiest way in which to answer the question above is simply to inform readers that carbon monoxide detectors are, in fact, required in many areas. In order to help you to better understand just how vital it is that your carbon monoxide detector is expertly installed and in fine working condition, though, we’ve put together some information regarding the threats posed by CO exposure. If you have any questions regarding carbon monoxide detectors, or if you require any carbon monoxide detector services, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. As far as we’re concerned, your safety is a top priority.

Why Consider LED Lighting?

We here at Electrical Connection, Inc. specialize in a number of areas, with indoor lighting services being among the most common requests that we receive. When living in a dorm room or an apartment, the type of indoor lighting systems use are not generally something that residents are all too concerned with. When one owns his or her own home, though, these details, once hardly registering in the mind, become much more important. Not only do you want the lighting design in your home to be both fashionable and functional, but you also want to know that you are lighting your home in a safe and efficient manner. LED lighting is a great way in which to do so.

How Does An Automatic Standby Generator Work?

It can be stressful and costly to lose power. At least, it can be if you’re unprepared. That is why you should consider the installation of an automatic standby generator in Central Connecticut. Such systems switch on automatically upon sensing that the electricity servicing your home has cut out.

3 Things to Consider When Installing a New Generator

Summertime means thunderstorms here in Central Connecticut, and while civic power systems are set up to handle such incidents, a power outage is always a possibility. Prudent homeowners would do well to consider the installation of a generator in their homes: enabling them to keep the lights and power on even in the midst of severe weather. If you’ve made the decision to purchase one, you’re doing your home and your family a great service.

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