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Prevent Electrical Repair in Hartford, CT with Surge Protection

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Homeowners are often willing to avoid electrical problems by any means, and so we’ve written this post to tell you a little bit about whole home surge protection, which can help you prevent electrical repair in Harford, CT. Call Electrical Connection Inc. today for comprehensive electrical services.

Let’s take a look at why whole home surge protection is so important and beneficial. But first, we need to understand what exactly a surge is. As its name suggests, an electrical surge is an overload of capacity. Our homes are wired for a standard 120 volts. But if the voltage suddenly rises above that number, that’s known as a surge. Obviously, there is quite a range of surges, from minor fluctuations in the balance of your home electrical system when you run the dryer to lightning strikes, which can knock out entire neighborhoods. But while there are various “spikes” in electrical voltage, a surge is so called when the voltage increase lasts at least three nanoseconds (one billionth of a second).

Surges may not fry your expensive stereo or TV right away, but constant surges can gradually increase the wear and tear on your system components, and cause premature replacement of your electronic gadgets. To ensure that your home has the maximum protection possible, you need to have a professionally installed whole home surge protection device. Many portable units are ineffective at protecting major surges, and it can be a hassle to have to put them throughout your home. Moreover, your air conditioner and other directly wired appliances cannot be protected by one of these devices, and these major appliances are just as subject to surges as your delicate electronics.

Whole home surge protection is a great way to improve the safety and protection of your home. Call Electrical Connection Inc. today for more information, or to schedule electrical repair in Hartford.


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