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Recessed Lighting FAQs

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Electrical Connection Inc. has the expertise to handle the lighting issues in your Hartford home, as well as the experience to do the job right. Among the common projects we encounter is that of recessed lighting, which makes for an elegant addition to any part of the home. You may be thinking about such a project yourself, in which case we’re here to help. Here’s some recessed lighting FAQs to help you understand the process. 

What are recessed lights?

Recessed lights are lights built into the ceiling, which can light the room without extending beyond the plane of the ceiling’s surface.

What are the benefits of recessed lights?

They’re unobtrusive and convenient, without visible electric cords, lampshades or other accoutrements to clutter up the room. They provide strong and reliable light, but their lack of obtrusiveness helps you center attention on other things in the room.

Are they difficult to install?

No, though they usually require a professional electrician. Small openings are made in the ceiling for the lights, which are installed in metal housings mounted to the inside of the ceiling. An electrician then runs wires to the switch.

Can I upgrade them once they’re installed?

Yes. The housings can usually support more modern recessed lights, including lower voltage models that use less power.

Are there additional safety features involved?

Yes. For example, the electrician will need to install heatproof fixtures if there is insulation above the ceiling, and wiring needs to be protected from moisture.

If you’re looking to add some recessed lighting to your home, or you already have recessed lighting and are looking to upgrade it, Electrical Connection Inc. can help. Our trained Hartford lighting experts are dedicated to doing the job right the first time, every time. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.


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