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Some of the Different Fuel Types for Generators

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A backup power generator for a home or office is one of the best “insurance policies” you can get to protect yourself from extended power outages. They are especially valuable during harsh winter conditions, when the electrical power may go down for a few days at a time. Thanks to a standby generator, you can have your vital appliances—such as the heating system, the lights, and any powered medical equipment—continue to operate until the power is restored.

In this post, we’ll look over the different types of fuel that generators can use to supply you with electricity. Some are more common than others. At Electrical Connection Inc., we can provide top quality installation and service for your generator in Berlin, OH. Contact us today to find out more about the options for backup generators.

Different Fuels for Standby Generators

  • Natural gas: By far the most popular choice for generators, and the fuel source we recommend if you already have access to a municipal gas line. Natural gas is convenient (you never need to worry about running out of it) and burns cleanly. It is also the least expensive of the available fuels, and generators that use natural gas run the most efficiently.
  • Liquefied petroleum or propane: These are common options for buildings that lack a connection to a gas line, and are the optimal choice when it comes to stored fuel to power a generator. LP and propane have long shelf lives and cost less than other heating fuels, so it is easier to stock up on them in case of an extended period of power loss.
  • Diesel: Because diesel-powered generators use compression heating rather than spark ignition, they are more efficient and durable than generators that use gasoline. Diesel is also non-combustible, making it safer than gasoline—and even natural gas.
  • Gasoline: This fuel is really only useful for portable generators. Gasoline has the advantage of easy availability, but is not a good choice for a standby generator.

At Electrical Connection Inc., we are proud to install high quality generators, which run on natural gas but which can be converted to use liquefied petroleum for homes that don’t have gas power. These generators turn on automatically in case of a power loss and perform self-tests each week to make sure they are prepared for an emergency.

Our technicians will make sure that you receive the right generator in Berlin, OH to keep your home or business guarded from blackouts. We will see that your new system is sized correctly for your specific power needs and that it runs efficiently. You can also look to us whenever you need electrical repairs.


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