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The Importance Of Smoke Detectors

The importance of smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are found in pretty much every building in the United States. They’re important everywhere, but your home’s smoke detectors are likely the most valuable system you’ve got. Electrical Connection Inc.s Inc. is the Hartford electrician that knows and understands why smoke detectors are an essential part of home and fire safety. That’s why we’ve put together this article to talk more about smoke detectors and their importance in your Hartford home. Read on to learn more about smoke detectors and how they can make a difference in the safety of your home.

What Are Smoke Detectors & How Do They Work?

Smoke detectors are fire-protection devices that automatically detect smoke and warn you of its presence so you can take the proper action in the event of a fire. If fires aren’t a common occurrence in your home (we hope they aren’t!), it can be easy to forget about your smoke detectors. They’re installed on the ceilings of your home and usually come in white, easily blending in. But keeping up with your smoke detectors by checking and testing them is vital to the safety of your home.

There are two kinds of smoke detectors: photoelectric and ionization. Photoelectric detectors use a beam of light to sense the presence of smoke in the air. In clear air, the beam shoots in a straight line, but in the midst of smoke, the light scatters, sending the detector into alarm. An ionization detector uses a chamber with an electrical current inside. If smoke enters that chamber, the air inside it changes and the current drops, setting off the alarm. Both styles are beneficial in different situations, so one is not really better than the other. As long as you have a smoke detector in your home, you’ll benefit from it.

Call Our Pros For Smoke Detector Installation & Maintenance

Having a smoke detector on each floor of your home is essential for having the right kind of fire safety implemented in your living space. Regular maintenance and testing are also recommended so you can be sure your smoke detectors are working properly in the event of a fire. When you need a professional electrician to take care of these things for you, Electrical Connection Inc. is the name you need to know. We want every household in the Hartford area to be protected from fires, and a functioning smoke detector will do the trick.


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