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Track Lighting Installation, A Flexible Option For Your Hartford County Home

Track lighting installation flexible option hartford county home

You begin to prepare something to eat. You stand at the counter and get some stuff out to prep, but you notice how hard it is to see in the lighting of your kitchen. It’s definitely time to do something about it because you’re tired of the dim light.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to add some additional lights to the kitchen and other areas of the home, but you’re just not sure what kind to buy and how to add the light.

Our professional Hartford electricians at Electrical Connection Inc. have some ideas for you. Track lighting is really perfect for certain situations like adding illumination to the kitchen.

Energy Efficient LED Track Lights

Low voltage track lighting is a great idea to help you keep the electric bill down. The track uses several energy efficient bulbs which are arranged on a track line. When the small fixtures are combined together into one strip, they are very desirable for adding additional lighting in your kitchen.

You can put recessed lights anywhere, but they do require a hole to fit in. Track lighting installation on the outside of the ceiling with a small hole for the wiring. Favorite places to install track lighting are above entertainment systems, to highlight favorite artwork, to highlight architectural features, or to provide more illumination in workspaces for safety.

Other Benefits of Track Lighting Installation Are:

  • 1. Flexible Design. The track in track lighting can be either straight, curved, or run in a circle. There are many modern options available today to design with.
  • 2. Track Lighting Can Save You Money. Using LED or low watt bulbs or adjust the strength with a dimmer switch.
  • 3. Track lights can be set to face multiple directions.

Your Hartford County Electricians

A large number of homes need upgrading or additional lighting installation. If you do too, call us for some options. We’ll help you find the perfect lights for any area of your home. Whether it is indoor or outdoor installation or repair, Briggs Electric Company is available for your Hartford County electrical service needs. Our experienced electricians are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

We are trained in safety and back our work with a guarantee that we will provide you with the highest possible level of service. From start to finish, our professional staff will assist you to add that extra lighting, repair your wiring, install other luxuries requiring additional wiring, or inspect and maintain your current systems.


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