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What Can Residential Landscape Lighting Do for You?

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What does your house look like from the street at night? Probably the only experience you have with seeing it this way is when you drive your car up to the garage in the evening. Perhaps your home is dark and a little dreary looking, but that will quickly leave your mind as you walk inside for the night.

There are some excellent reasons to invest in residential landscape lighting, however, to enhance the look of your home—both cosmetic and practical. If you have experts at home lighting working for you, your residential landscape lighting in Avon, CT will elevate your home life in a number of important ways. Just call Electrical Connection Inc. today and ask about our outdoor lighting services.

Here Are Some of the Pluses of Landscape Lighting:

  • Security: Statistics have shown that enhanced outdoor lighting discourages crime. And landscape lighting is one of the best types of lighting to keep burglars away from your home: instead of creating harsh shadows, where unwanted visitors can disguise themselves, landscape lighting creates a softer over all look the reduces the dark areas that make it easier for potential criminals to escape detection.
  • Personal safety: Have you ever tripped trying to get to your front door at night, or bumped into something when moving the garbage cans to the street, and then thought, “It’s too dark out here”? Well, it is too dark out there, and with landscape lighting you’ll have far safer outdoor walkways without creating glaring lights.
  • More use of outdoor recreation areas: If you have a pool, patios, extended balconies, verandas, grills, and other places for outside relaxation and entertainment, you can get more use of them. Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to move the fun indoors.
  • Home value: Increasing the outdoor beauty of your home also increases its value. If you think you may put your home on the market in the future, outdoor lighting makes for a more immediately appealing property and one that will draw larger offers.
  • Attractiveness: This is subjective, but in a way it’s the most important benefit of all. The right landscape lighting will make your home look more beautiful. Simply the way that a ground light can throw a splash of soft illumination onto a rowan tree on the front long can be breathtaking to see. You will enjoy home life more with a stunning house to return to every evening.

You will only get the most benefits from your landscape lighting if you hire professionals to do the job. Contact Electrical Connection Inc. for full service for your residential landscape lighting or other electrical services in Avon, CT. We offer upfront pricing so you will also know what you will pay before we begin the work. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.


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