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What Type of Generator Do I Need?

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It’s probably tough to imagine a life without electricity. While we may be able to “rough it” for a week during a camping trip, we rely on electrical power to operate some of the most important things in our lives. From the microwave oven to your cell phone charger, electrical outlets and fixtures get you through the day with ease. But there’s one situation in which you may be forced to go without power: an outage.

It’s tough to go without some of these modern conveniences, and in some cases it may be dangerous. This is so if you have a family member who needs electrical equipment to run in order to get through an illness, such as medical equipment or a functioning air conditioner so they don’t become overheated. There are two types of generators you may choose for home use in Berlin, each of which is detailed here.

Portable Generator

A residential portable generator can operate a set number of electrical appliances in a power outage. You may choose to hook this up to your refrigerator, heater, air conditioner, or sump pump only. Portable residential generators have their advantages and drawbacks. They are significantly less expensive than an automatic standby generator. However, they only work for a select voltage, so usage is quite limited.

Automatic Standby Generator

An automatic standby generator, on the other hand, is designed to power your entire home should a power outage occur. It’s hooked up to your electrical wiring, and senses the moment that there is no longer an electrical current running through the home. Within seconds, power switches over to the generator, which usually runs via your natural gas line, though it may use propane instead. When sized properly, it can power everything in the home, including the refrigerator, HVAC system, lights, medical equipment, and your home computer.

If you’re having trouble choosing the right generator for your home, call Electrical Connection Inc., Inc. Our technicians install, service, and maintain generators in Berlin, so that you’re not left without power during a storm or other power failure. Count on our electrical team for generator services in Berlin, CT today.


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