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What’s Involved in Security System Monitoring?

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You can’t watch over your business every hour of every day. But you can invest in security system monitoring that can take over this job and give you valuable peace of mind. A monitoring system can include many individual elements, and with the help of a professional security company, you will have the monitoring network you need to keep your commercial property safe around the clock and around the year.

To have proper installation of security system monitoring in Glastonbury, CT, contact Security Connection, a division of Electrical Connection Inc. that specializes in security needs for homes and businesses throughout Connecticut. Whatever space you need monitored, we can find the system to fit it and then install the equipment and connect it together so that the system does exactly the job you need it to. Call us today for more information and for an estimate.

Some of the Elements of Security System Monitoring

  • Security cameras: This is the first thing people think of when they hear about security monitoring. Closed-circuit television video surveillance isn’t the only solution for security monitoring, but it is an effective one that is often at the center of a building’s security system.
  • Alarms: Motion-sensing alarms, door and window contacts, and glassbreak detectors are all excellent options for securing your building. The alarms can be set up with visual and audio alerts to frighten off intruders. The alarms can also send signals to monitoring centers that will alert authorities.
  • Security lighting: Motion-detecting lights will turn on to illuminate areas such as hallways and parking lots. This will help frighten away unwanted visitors as well as keep areas safer for authorized visitors.
  • Mobile connections: You can hook up your security system so that you can access it wirelessly through a smart phone, laptop, or other mobile device. You can check on alerts, turn the system on and off, and even access the feeds on security cameras and control their views.

Security monitoring can also include fire alarms and carbon monoxide detection. Whatever level of security and protection you want for your facility, there is a security system available to handle the job.

The best place to start with security system monitoring is to call Electrical Connection Inc. and speak to our qualified technicians in Glastonbury, CT at our Security Connection division. They can help lay out a monitoring plan that will fit your company’s budget and needs, and then handle the installation so they system works as it should.


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