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When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Indoor Lighting?

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You may not have considered altering the indoor lighting in your home beyond the occasional purchase of a new lamp and the regular changing of light bulbs. But now might be the ideal time to have a lighting designer and installer upgrade your interior lights with new technology and a fresh look.

To learn the ways that lighting professionals can upgrade your home’s appearance, efficiency, and safety with a new light design, contact Electrical Connection Inc. Our licensed electricians will take care of all your needs.

Here are some times when you should consider an upgrade to your indoor lighting in Hartford, CT:

When you are ready for a fresh look for your home

If you want to change your home’s appearance to something more modern, soothing, or charming, you could invest in an expensive re-modeling project. But you can achieve a similar outcome through a well-thought out upgrade to the lighting design. Working with an expert in design and installation can reduce harsh glares and dark regions in your home to create a more natural and pleasant appearance—all for much less than a large and disruptive remodeling job.

When you’re ready to save on your utility bills

If you feel tired of seeing the same high charges on your electricity bill month after month, even with efforts to conserve how often you use the lights in your home, then you should upgrade your indoor lighting to make it more energy efficient. Replacing old incandescent lights with LED lights can dramatically lower your electrical bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights use 75% less power than incandescent lights to provide an identical level of illumination. LED lights also last far longer, with single bulbs often enduring for more than eleven years. Retro-fitting your indoor lighting with LED lights will make your utility bills much more pleasant to look at each month.

When aging people in your home require it

As people age, they will gradually experience a reduction in their vision. If you have people in your house over 60 years old, they probably require more light to see than they once did. Your indoor lighting may be inadequate for their needs. To increase safety and avoid accidental falls, have your lighting upgraded with more powerful (while still energy-efficient) technology.

If you decide that now is the right time for an upgrade to your indoor lighting for your Hartford home, the electricians at Electrical Connection Inc. are ready to help. Call us today and schedule an appointment to see how we can best enhance your lighting.


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