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Why Consider a Lighting Retrofit for Your Home?

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Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to get the most from your home’s lighting, both indoor and outdoor? The fixtures may be great, but the life of your light bulbs and cost to keep them on may have you wondering if there is a way to maximize the life of the bulb while reducing your costs. The answer is yes, there is: by scheduling a lighting retrofit for your home in Avon.

What Is a Lighting Retrofit?

A lighting retrofit is a package of hardware that installs right into your current light fixtures that allows the light bulb to operate with better efficiency. Kits include different pieces of hardware, including brackets, fasteners, screws, sockets and a reflector; the reflector helps direct the light precisely for maximum illumination. Additional parts that may be needed are ballasts, which is something your technician will determine.

Why Not Just Redesign?

Redesigning your lighting is an option, but if you are happy with both your lighting layout and fixtures, a lighting retrofit may be a better way to go. A retrofit allows you to keep your current fixtures and lighting design; the retrofit simply enhances the ability of your current light fixtures to perform better. As such, a retrofit can save you a considerable amount of money over a new lighting redesign.

What Are the Benefits of Retrofitting?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider retrofitting the lighting in your home:

  • Better energy efficiency – retrofitting allows you to use better-performing light bulbs, so you can see an energy savings of up to 30%.
  • Less bulb changing – newer, longer lasting bulbs that fit with your retrofit kit will last for tens of thousands of hours; instead of changing a light bulb every three months, you can change one every few years.
  • Stronger illumination – the retrofit kit and bulbs are designed to illuminate better and more precisely, which helps you and your home be safer and more secure.

If you’ve been looking to get more from your home’s lighting, call Electrical Connection Inc. today and schedule an appointment for our lighting service for your Avon home.


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