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Why Consider an LP Generator

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Being without power isn’t just inconvenient; you can lose food and heat during the winter, and your plumbing can also suffer. Having a back-up generator in Berlin for your home allows you to keep the main systems of your home operating so that you can ride out just about any power outage. There are a few different kinds of fuel that can power a generator, and the one we’re going to discuss here is LP, liquid propane.

LP generators work very similarly to natural gas generators; the main difference is that they have to be attached to an LP tank as opposed to a natural gas generator, which can be connected directly to a natural gas main line. The type of LP generator we carry at Electrical Connection Inc. is a home back-up generator. This generator comes with automatic power switching and weekly self-testing; it has a very quiet operation and once connected to your LP fuel source, will fuel automatically.

Some of the benefits of using an LP generator are:

  • Power support for all the major systems in your home
  • Runs in sizes from 5kw to 60kw
  • LP can cost less to run than natural gas
  • LP has a long shelf line and burns clean
  • LP is available during power outages (as long as your tank is filled)
  • Very emission-compliant

How Does a Generator Switch Automatically?

All generators that have automatic switching are equipped with sensors that constantly monitor the power coming in from your utility lines. When the power is interrupted, the control system in the generator senses the loss of power and signals the generator to start: the automatic transfer switch safely closes off the utility line while simultaneously opening a new power line from the generator. The electricity generated by the generator is transferred to your main electrical panel via a transfer switch. When the power returns, the generator will switch the electrical load back to your utility line.

An LP generator takes the worry out of your next power outage. If you’d like to know more about what an LP generator can do for you, call Electrical Connection Inc. today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We offer professional generation installation in the Berlin, CT area.


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