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Why Consider Track Lighting for Your Home

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You have multiple options today when you want to install new indoor lighting for a house. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling sections of your current home, or simply want a lighting face-lift for a room, a quality lighting design can make all the difference. Poorly chosen and installed lights will create harsh, unpleasant conditions or leave a room too dark, so make sure that you only rely on skilled lighting professionals when it’s time to put in new lights.

With all the choices you have for lighting, start by making the best choice for lighting installers: Electrical Connection Inc. We provide comprehensive lighting services in Hartford, CT and the surrounding areas, and with our assistance you will receive the high quality new light design for whatever rooms in your house require it.

One popular idea for indoor illumination is track lighting. Here are some of the reasons you may wish to consider track lighting for your home:

  • Adjustable: Track lighting gives you the benefit of fixed lights, but unlike recessed lighting, you can move and adjust track lighting to fit changing needs. This makes track lighting very beneficial in a kitchen, where glares from surfaces can become distracting and cause eye-strain, but where large amounts of lights are often necessary for effective food preparation. You can set the track lighting in the kitchen for either ambient or direct illumination, depending on what you need at the time.
  • Art accent lighting: With track lighting, you can easily create accent lights for pictures, sculptures, and other decorations, while still allowing other lights on the same track to create softer ambient illumination elsewhere in the room. If you decide to move the décor items that you want accented, you only need to adjust the track light to accommodate the change—something you can’t do with recessed lighting.
  • Easy installation: You can have track lighting put anywhere—ceilings, beams—without having to worry about boring into building material. Since that lights all receive power from the track, they do not need to have separate wires run to each to lamp. Not only is installation a fast, unobtrusive job, but it is very flexible and allows you many options.

But for all these benefits, track lighting won’t help you unless you have the lights properly installed by professionals. Call Electrical Connection Inc. and our Hartford, CT lighting designers will figure out the best way to put track lighting into your home so you enjoy all of its advantages for many years. We also offer repair services to keep your home lit the way you want it.


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