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Why Should I Be Using an Attic Fan?

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You won’t necessarily need to use an attic fan in your home, but many people mistakenly overlook the benefits that an attic fan, when installed and serviced professionally, can offer. The only way in which to determine if your home is a good match for an attic fan is to work with a trained, experienced professional. You’ll find them on our staff. We employ some of the finest electricians in the industry, and we are more than happy to help you to determine if the use of an attic fan in Newington, CT is right for your home. If this is determined to be the case, you can count on Electrical Connection Inc. to provide you with the exceptional attic fan services that you need.

How Does an Attic Fan Work?

An attic fan is used in order to efficiently and effectively cool down the attic space of a home. Because a very hot attic can lead to heat making its way down into the living space of  a home, it can really add to summer cooling costs. It can also put a lot of unnecessary strain on your air conditioning system, increasing the risk of damages and operational problems. An attic fan cools the attic space by pulling in cooler air from outdoors, pulling it in through existing attic vents and pushing the hot air already in the attic outdoors. If you hope to complete this process properly, it is important that your attic vents are not blocked off, and that your attic is effectively sealed from the rest of your home. Otherwise, the attic fan will actually pull air from your living space, which you’ve paid to cool with your AC, up into the unoccupied attic space.

Benefits of Using an Attic Fan

An attic fan can actually benefit you throughout the year, not just in the summer season. During the hotter time of the year, the attic fan will help to sufficiently ventilate your attic space so that it does not add any unnecessary strain to your AC. In the winter, the attic fan will help to keep your attic cold. This helps to eliminate the risk of ice damming, as the heat of an attic can melt snow, which can then freeze in gutters. The key to the successful, beneficial use of an attic fan is quality attic fan services—services that you will find easily by dialing our number.


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