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Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical safety

Electrical Connection Inc. provides electrical troubleshooting for customers throughout Hartford. Our licensed electricians provide repairs and routine maintenance for all your home's electrical systems and components. We provide repairs for our customers as well as electrical renovation. Don't hesitate to call our electrician for Hartford if you haven't scheduled a safety inspection or routine maintenance visit.

Here Are Some Common Electrical Problems:

  • Lighting problems throughout the home
  • Outdoor lighting problems due to bad weather or bad connection
  • Bulbs are burning out too quickly
  • Flickering or blinking light bulbs due to poor connection or main wire Recessed lights going out due
  • to potential wattage problem
  • Popping light bulbs due to a bad connection
  • Dead outlet due to blown fuse or poor connection
  • Dead outlets due to lack of GFCI update
  • Tripped breaker won't reset
  • Light switches won't work or get overheated
  • High electric bill (could have several causes not related to electrical work)

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