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Smoke Detector Services in Connecticut

Smoke Detector Installation in Connecticut

If you are looking for a Hartford electrician to install or inspect the smoke detectors in your home, call Electrical Connection. Smoke detectors are easy to forget about, but they are vital to your safety and to the protection of your home.

To ensure that you have the proper smoke detectors in your home or to maintain the ones that you already have it is best to hire a licensed electrician trained to work with these devices. Call Electrical Connection today at 860-667-7652.

Electrical Connection provides electrical services to homes and businesses throughout the state of Connecticut.

Types of Smoke Detectors

There are a few different kinds of smoke detectors. One kind is a photoelectric detector, sometimes called an optical detector. This type of smoke detector uses an optical lens to detect smoke. When smoke blocks that lens, the sensor triggers the alarm. Optical detectors are better for detecting smoky, smoldering fires.

A second type of smoke detector available to you is called an ionization detector. These use a sensor that can detect microscopic smoke particles in the air, making them quicker to alert in the event of swift, flaming fires. Because there is no way to predict what kind of fire you may have, there are also dual sensor smoke detectors. These combine both technologies of sensors into one unit. It is highly recommended that homes have either a dual sensor detector, or one detector of each type installed for maximum fire safety.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

For battery powered smoke detectors, follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding when and how to change the batteries. Test the smoke detector monthly and change the batteries any time it starts making the warning tone to indicate the batteries are low.

Some smoke detectors are hard-wired into the electrical system. Still, these units usually have batteries as a backup, so those must be tested and changed in accordance with the owner’s manual. If you have this kind of smoke detector in your home and it needs to be replaced, the job must be handled by a professional in order to make sure the new unit works properly.

In addition to regularly changing batteries, keeping the area surrounding the smoke detector clean is very important. Dirt and dust can cause false alarms, as well as obstruct the sensor, keeping the smoke detector from working properly.

Call Electrical Connection for Smoke Detector Installation

For professional smoke detector installations and inspections in the Hartford area, call Electrical Connection. It never hurts to be extra cautious, especially when dealing with a piece of safety equipment as important as the smoke detector in your home. Call any time!

If you are looking for an installation service for smoke detectors in Hartford, Newington or anywhere in Connecticut then please call 860-667-7652 or complete our online request form.

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