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Underfloor Heating Systems for Connecticut

Radiat Floor Heating Systems in Connecticut

Electrical Connection provides installations for underfloor heating systems in Newington, CT homes and to customers throughout the state. Also known as radiant floor heating, these systems can be a very efficient way to heat your home. Compared to other underfloor systems, such as hydronic heating systems, electric heated floors are just as efficient and can help lower your energy use and your bills. Why not enjoy warm floors throughout your home while lowering your utility bills? Get started today and call Electrical Connection for underfloor heating system installations.

Electrical Connection provides electrical services to homes and businesses throughout the state of Connecticut.

Radiant Floor Heating Installation

Electric radiant floor heating systems can be installed under a variety of flooring types. Because they are made with a flexible mesh, they can be installed to fit any floor space in your home. They are also efficient and safe. In fact, many electric floor heating systems have an automatic overheating protection safety device. And with our licensed and experienced electricians installing your new floor heating system, you can be sure that everything will be installed according to all building and fire codes. Call us if you are interested in radiant floor heating installations. We offer services throughout the state, so call today to get started.

Heating Your Home Efficiently

Contrary to popular belief, electric underfloor heating systems are just as efficient as other floor heating systems. They are also far more efficient than forced air systems which can lose a lot of energy through leaky air ducts or ventilation systems. If these systems are installed correctly they can save energy and last for many years. Like any heating system, routine maintenance is key in ensuring that you get lasting results. We can also take over routine maintenance and any necessary repairs for your heating system. Call us any time to learn more about electric radiant floors.

GFCI Installations and Upgrades

A GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is required for electric underfloor heating systems that are installed in kitchens and bathrooms, or anywhere there’s a chance of moisture affecting the system. At Electrical Connection, we are a full service electrical contractor. Our electricians can also install GFCI outlets if your home is not already equipped with these outlets. Call any time for service.

Electrical Connection - Your Trusted Electricians

Electrical Connection is your trusted Connecticut electrician! Call us if you would like to know more about our underfloor heating and GFCI outlet installations.

If you are looking for radiant floor heating installation services in Hartford, Newington or anywhere in Connecticut then please call 860-667-7652 or complete our online request form.

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